Baseball 2011

West Division

West W L W L
Streator 10 5 18 15
LaSalle-Peru 9 6 21 14
Ottawa 9 6 19 14
Sterling 7 8 14 17
Dixon 6 9 12 17
Geneseo 4 11 9 20

West All Conference

Co-MVP: Neil Hanley, SR, Ottawa
Co-MVP: Ryan Nagle, JR, Streator

Mitch Homb, SR, Dixon
Tyler Fisher, SR, Geneseo
Anthony Scholle, SR, LaSalle-Peru
Ryan Nagle, JR, Streator
Michael Hermosillo, SO, Ottawa
Evan Davis, SR, Sterling
Eric Phillis, JR, Streator
Zach Garrison, SR, Streator
Cody Booker, JR, LaSalle-Peru
Neil Hanley, SR, Ottawa
Designated Hitter:
Brandon Urbance, JR, Streator
At Large
Josh Eplin, SR, Streator
John Hiester, JR, LaSalle-Peru
Dan Robinson, SR, Sterling
Mike Renner, JR, Streator
Honorable Mention
Nate McCoy, SR, Dixon
Austin Dewey, SR, Dixon
Derek Mitchell, JR, Geneseo
Matt Dresbach, JR, LaSalle-Peru
Mike Lynch, JR, LaSalle-Peru
Stephen Lauer, SR, LaSalle-Peru
Buddy Ahlstrom, JR, Ottawa
Brazon Wheeler, SO, Ottawa
Jonah Morris, SO, Ottawa
Morgan Fraga, SR, Streator

East Division

East W L W L
Kaneland* 10 5 26 10
Morris* 10 5 20 15
Sycamore 9 6 23 8
DeKalb 8 7 20 12
Yorkville 6 9 14 12
Rochelle 2 13 8 17

East All Conference

MVP: Bobby Thorson, Sr, Kaneland
Brian Sisler, JR, DeKalb
Kyle Davidson, SR, Kaneland
Eric Ray, SR, Sycamore
Jacob Mathre, SR, Yorkville
Jake Gordan, SR, DeKalb
Joe Camiliere, SR, Kaneland
Kjeld Torkelson, SR, Morris
Luke Lucchetti, SR, Yorkville
Ryan Bernickus, SR, Morris
Trevor Mathey, SR, Sycamore
Trenton Sopko, JR, DeKalb
Michah McCulloch, SR, Rochelle
Designated Hitter
Greg Struck, JR, Morris
At Large
Sam Komel, SR, Kaneland
Josh Cooper, SR, Yorkville
Cody Varga, SR, DeKalb
Bobby Thorson, SR, Kaneland
Josh DeGraaf, SR, Morris
Jake Turner, SR, Sycamore
Honorable Mention
Luke Hayes, SR, DeKalb
Drew French, SR, Kaneland
Corey Landers, SR, Kaneland
Jake Razo, JR, Kaneland
Mitchell Jordan, SO, Sycamore
Kenny Milosovic, JR, Morris
Max Highland, SR, Morris
Jake Ruettiger, JR, Morris

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